Blessing Boxes aid town

Blessing Box are wooden boxes found around town that volunteers create and stock items such as toiletries and food. A Blessing Box in Augusta is located on 1409 Ohio St. The article, “A box filled with blessing” from The Butler County Times-Gazette states that real estate agent Heather Holmes has fulfillment when she helps others with supplies and happiness. She and her husband wanted to put a box on a property they own, but they wanted a Wichita boy to help them.

“His Facebook page indicated that he had more than 40 boxes. That’s why I didn’t just build my own. I thought it was cool to have him help,” Holmes said.

Nine year old Paxton and his family created Paxton’s Blessing Boxes. Paxton and his mother Maggie Ballard have been fundraising, so they could keep over 40 Blessing Boxes full of supplies. Maggie found the useful idea on a social media app in August 2016 and shared it with Paxton.

“It’s great to know that you can help someone in a small way,” Holmes said.

Paxton’s donation site encourages citizens to donate and help out others.

“Anyone can donate at any time, and anyone can take at any time. we just say take only what you need. It’s a free little pantry. I personally check the box every other day to see if it needs to be filled and quite often it does,” Holmes said.

The family has kept the local blessing boxes stocked thanks to the community and the donations.

Aubrey Stueven
This Blessing Box is located on Ohio street near Casey’s General store. It is available to anyone who needs anything from it, as well as all other Blessing Boxes.