Students manage time while taking Butler classes

College classes for many high school students are a good way to earn credit hours for college. Depending on how many classes a student takes during high school they could already have a good amount of college credits done with.

“I’m currently enrolled in two college classes this year,” Justin Ashenfelter (10) said.

Some college classes can help students strengthen their transcripts and prepare for college at the same time, students can take different types of classes like the nursing course for students who want to become nurses or doctors. Butler community college also offers classes you can take in high school to get the opportunities and not for college credits, to have the experience of college courses.

“I take both of my college classes in a classroom at the high school because it’s easier than going there and then coming back,” Ashenfelter said.

Time management can vary on who the student is. If they slack off and do not do anything until the last minute, they will probably have poor time management.

Overall, high school requires a higher ‘frequency’ if you will, of management because you go back to your class every other day, whereas college goes in bursts of seven days,” Trenton Burnham (11) said.

Taking college classes at a university can be stressful for many people, however, students with two or more college classes struggle more with time management. Community college classes can be taught by high school teachers or college professor online as well.

Burnham is in (classes here) and Burnham is in these (classes)

“Two of my classes were taught by professor Lan-Teubner, one was taught by professor Bohrer, one was taught by professor Scharenberg, and one was an overall class that had many people from the various campuses involved,” Burnham said.