Speeding in Residential Areas can cause danger

Driving is a privilege, not a right, speeding is a serious crime and some people do not take it serious.

Children and others can be injured or killed with reckless driving, elderly people driving slowly can get they can be rear ended because they are on their morning drive going 15 miles per hour, and someone is speeding behind them and hits them. Many problems can occur when someone is speeding.

“I see people speeding all the time down my street, and when I know the person, I stop them and tell them to stop speeding and if that does not work I will call the police,”administrative assistant  Kelly Groom said.

If children are playing kickball and the ball rolls out to the street, parents should not have to be worried that a driver is going 95 mph when the speed limit is 30 mph. Driving is a responsibility and people are putting themselves and others in danger.

“When people speed down my street I think why, don’t they slow down’ and think about the danger they are putting pedestrians in,” Groom said.

When someone is caught speeding, the excuses consist of, “I’m running late and wanting to make up for lost time,”. Just because they are in a hurry does not mean they should put others in danger.

“we can fix the problem with speeding, in my neighborhood there’s no signs with speed limits saying 30 miles per hour so putting a couple of those in there might help,” administrative assistant Tricia Brown said.

Speeding in residential areas can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and possibly hurt or kill someone.

“We can help prevent speeding by communicating with neighbors and the people speeding. If that does not work, we can put out signs,” Groom said.

Speeding can cause many problems with our residential areas by hurting people or losing control and hurting yourself.