Teachers influence students more than technology

Teachers help students in many ways with kindness and as a resource. They can be there for students when they need to talk to someone and will not judge. Having teachers care enough to propose new ideas to students.

Yes, sometimes when teachers instruct new lessons, it can be hard to understand. Students have the opportunity to get more help from another teacher or classmate.

When teachers are accessible every minute of the day, it benefits so the students can get the help they need. Asking questions is a big part of education because it is a skill students need even after high school.

Teaching is probably a hard job to do; teachers will not always know the answers and students may need to use the internet. By incorporating teaching and internet together students gain more knowledge then without internet. With internet comes cheating and then education becomes a disaster.

Students copy and paste, which is known as plagiarism, and will get in trouble, they also ask other students if they can have the answers to homework or ro copy down.

Like other schools that are adding both technology and teachers to the future of learning, most students including myself, enjoy learning with a teacher in a learning environment with other peers; unlike learning at home on YouTube or in a classroom watching videos over facts.