Market Day teaches business management skills


Photo by Gracie Johnston

Jake Tucker (12) and Cade Zerr (12) served Fried rice on Market Day. Their booth was called Emps & Pimps.

Student booths gathered in the Commons Oct. 7 to sell food items to their classmates.

The Youth Entrepreneurship class puts on Market Day every year. This class is taught by business teacher Kellee Roberts.

In this class, students learn the fundamentals of market-based management and business development. Students have the opportunity to plan for and own a business.

“It’s the only real way to be able to simulate business for kids. They get hands-on experience with owning a business and they get to make all of the decisions,” Roberts said.

Cade Zerr (12) and Jake Tucker (12) ran one of the most popular businesses among the students, “Emps and Pimps”.

“We chose to bring in Emps because it was successful in previous years,” Zerr said.

There were 12 businesses in total, offering sweets, pizza, tacos, etc.

“Everybody likes slushies and the pizza was pretty dope too,” Xander Clasen (10) said.

Once lunch was over and the businesses had shut down, the students sat down to count their profits and split them amongst their groups.

All of the groups made enough to at least break even.

Many students create booths with their friends in hope of making money.

“I think it would be fun to do it with your friends, and if you pick something good enough you can make a lot of money,” Taylor Curry (10) said.