Lack of student participation in student section

It is the fourth quarter of the football game, the O’s are down by six. The student section is up on its feet cheering at the top of its lungs. The football boys are tired, but the cheering from the student section hypes them up. Touchdown. The Orioles score and win the game.

That would be a great story to tell; however not a reality. When the Orioles are down the student section is quiet.

If students are going to dress up and stand in the student section, they should cheer as well.

I am not sure when the idea “cheering is not cool ” formed. What I am sure of is if students fully participate in the student section, they would have a lot more fun.

This year, there has been a gigantic push for new ideas within the student section. These pushes have been made by “Wichita Eagle” reporter Hayden Barber, who is in charge of the student section rankings.

If students want to see the O’ Zone ranked, we need something new. However, those fun new ideas can only work if everyone tries them.

Change needs to be made and the first change needs to start with the students.

Another issue in the student section is underclassmen believing they can not be involved in any decisions regarding the student section. If you have an idea share it. Every idea counts.

Upperclassmen also have to be open to listening to new ideas. The underclassmen are the future and we need to embrace it.

Let’s all rally together and create the loudest student section we can. In the student section, the rule should be if people are not yelling, they should be clapping or vise versa.

The student section should be a place for every student to have fun and cheer on their team.