Oriole newspaper goes digital

Oriole newspaper goes digital

“Modern life demands, and is waiting for a new kind of plan,” – Le Corbusier

As the modern world changes around us, we must morph alongside the transition. Which is exactly what The Oriole is going to be about for the 2018-2019 school year.

The Oriole staff members pride themselves in their abilities to collect and report truthful information about the happenings of the Augusta High School, as well as Augusta as a community.

For at least the past 30 years, The Oriole has been presented and assembled via printed copies and handed out manually by all staff members. As most know, the classic newspaper is not as appealing to younger generations; however, exceptions are always prominent. Some people feel a certain bliss when they are physically holding a newspaper. Smelling the freshly printed papers as they turn each crisp page can send relaxed chills down the reader’s back. Completely getting rid of printed copies is not a reality The Oriole staff prefers.

Although, disadvantages do exist for even the classic newspaper. In years before, information reported in The Oriole could have been presented in a more superior manner. Not only that, but multiple newsworthy events that happened within the school or community were never reported due to the timeliness of when the monthly issue was distributed.

In order to patch the dilemma, stories and graphical content will be released digitally in different ways.

Want to read up on updated school safety regulations? Check out the Orioleonline.com for the full story.

Want to see a video of our top-notch volleyball team slamming a ball down to win a match versus a rival? Take a look at The Oriole’s Twitter account (@AugustaHSnews).

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Don’t worry, the classic newspapers are not completely going away; instead, four issues will be printed.

Each issue will include pages printed in color. Colored newspapers are a way for The Oriole staff members to show-off their work and express their creativity on a larger scale.

The Oriole staff is excited to present to any audience the sections of our publication: news, features, sports and opinions.