Graphic by Savannah McMichael

Locker rooms need better security during sports practice

October 12, 2020

When it comes to being in high school sports, the locker rooms become the safety area for all school items. Nonetheless, the locker rooms are not as secure as they should be.  When I was a freshman and sophomore, I had volleyball practice every day after school. Going into the varsity locker room, a...

World History teacher Ryan Petty's CAPPS class waits for the bell to ring. During CAPPS Oct. 7 the teachers learned more about their students. CAPPS is every Wednesday this year.

Mixed emotions on CAPPS every Wednesday

October 7, 2020

  At the beginning of the year, it was announced that CAPPS would be every Wednesday unlike last year when it was about once a month. I feel like having CAPPS every Wednesday is unnecessary. CAPPS teaches students important skills for our future post-graduation and also helps us prepare for af...

Benefits and dangers from online made friends

Benefits and dangers from online made friends

Maddie Smart, Reporter

October 1, 2020

Growing up, our parents always warned us that strangers online were dangerous. However, with the many social media platforms our world has today, it is quite simple to find a new friend over the internet. They may become your best friend or just someone to talk to on occasion. Finding a friend online could either be the ...

Lei is the Hawaiian word for garland or wreath. Leis are usually made from Plumeria blossoms, Pikake blossoms, Orchid blossoms or Maile leaves.

Hawaiian themed spirit day demonstrates cultural appropriation

September 30, 2020

Some people see Hawaiian Day as a harmless spirit week theme; I see it for what it truly is, cultural appropriation.  Defined as “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture”, culture appropriation ...

Examples of books that have been banned in the past. Books are often banned or challenged for sexually explicit content, language, or the book is unfit for an age group.

Censorship in books deprives the world of magic

April 10, 2020

Books are written for people to enjoy and be engulfed in a new world. With every flip of the page and motion of the eye, the story in front of the reader comes alive. Once the book is finished and placed back on the shelves, the realm within it remains intact and waits for the next reader to open it ...

Required Electives Prove to be a Waste of Time

Required Electives Prove to be a Waste of Time

Claire Pletcher, Reporter

April 9, 2020

Numerous high schools across America do not demand a physical education, health or fine arts credit in order to graduate, Augusta High School is sadly, not part of this number.  At a nationwide level, 13 states in the nation do not require a fine art or health credit to graduate, and 10 states do ...

Social distancing needs to be better practiced

Social distancing needs to be better practiced

April 8, 2020

Students laugh and talk together as they walk into school, groaning about homework and classes, but excited for the day to end and to begin spring break. No one could have guessed that would be the last normal day of the school year.  The pandemic known as COVID-19 took most high school students by...

Members of the class of 2020 celebrate the boys basketball sub-state victory over the Mulvane Wildcats. This might be the last photo that this class takes together.

COVID-19 takes precious memories from seniors

March 17, 2020

Imagine growing up again, watching “High School Musical”, looking forward to your senior prom, playing your last game and finally walking across that stage at graduation knowing you got through all the stress and all the drama. Now, imagine knowing none of that can ever happen due to a pandemic. ...

Students shouldn’t be required to go to school on Fridays

Students shouldn’t be required to go to school on Fridays

Savannah McMichael, Reporter

February 13, 2020

In comparison to other schools, our school has five days of school each week. This leads to stress because of the amount of homework handed out throughout that week.  Being able to have three days to relax and get caught up with homework would help students be less stressed and be more prepared on ...

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, but should love should not be based on how much money someone spends. The typical couple goes to dinner, has dessert, goes out to a movie and spends money on gifts for each other. These activities make the price of Valentine’s Day expensive.

Dark sides come with Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2020

Most people see Valentine’s Day as either a day of love or regret. Originally, Valentine’s Day was meant to be a day of love and romance, but as the years pass people began to dread not only the holiday but the expenses that came with it.  On this romantic holiday, couples tend to participate in various...

McMichael children gather around their cousin and grandparents after a Thanksgiving feast. The last time they were in Minnesota for Thanksgiving was in 2017.

Thanksgiving breaks are too short

November 22, 2019

Thanksgiving break is a time where families are able to join together and be thankful for those around them. Being close to family during the holiday is a special moment where memories, that can last a lifetime, can be made. The break is a good way to be with those we love, but since it is a short t...

Sophomore Maddie Smart peacefully sleeps on her way home from the 2018 Game day Spirit Showcase. The cheer squad was required to wake up early for their long day at the state competition.

Teenagers need sleep to obtain good grades

November 20, 2019

On average, teenagers get 7 to 7.5 hours of sleep according to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH), which leaves them fatigued when having to get up early; however, the NCH has shown that most teens need exactly 9.25 hours of sleep each night.  As a student who is involved in extracurricu...

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