Students use Hoop to meet strangers online

Students use Hoop to meet strangers online

January 24, 2020

Hoop is an app that connects with Snapchat to allow users to meet strangers. Teens link Snap profiles to the app and enter personal information and choose a few pictures to feature to other users worldwide.  In the past few months, freshmen and sophomores have popularized Hoop. With downloads happenin...

Major General Qasem Saleimani was killed in a U.S. Orchestrated attack.

Iran retaliated to Assassination of General Qasem Soleimani

January 22, 2020

Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was assassinated Jan 3, starting what social media believes to be a WWIII. Iran retaliated to the assasination with a barrage of over 20 missiles to American bases in Iran housing Iranian and american service men and women. No one was killed during the strategic attack but...

Looking back/ Looking forward

December 19, 2019

Looking back at 2010: Carebears Hannah Montana Slime Littlest Pet Shop Furbies Gym Scooters Bratz Beanie Babies 9/11 Hurricane Katrina Impeachment of Trump in House Stephen Hawking Death Robin Wiliams Michael Jackson Stan Lee Demi Lovato's Addiction Lady Gaga's meat dress Pokemon Go Netflix Facebook Snapchat TikTok Hello Kitty Bop-It Webkins Zoo-Zoo pets Looking forward to 2020: Global Warming Artificial referees in Major League Spo...

Seniors Shanna Nichols and Makenzi Johnson serve food to librarian Casey Penner. They sold Auntie Anne's pretzels for Market Day.

Market Day comes to the high school

November 26, 2019

Students in the youth entrepreneur class participated in Market Day, Thursday, Nov. 7 during lunch in the upper commons. The 13 groups sold a number of different products with various prices while trying to make as much money as possible. Students were able to form a group or participate by themsel...

Juniors attend a class meeting Oct. 9 to discuss fundraising, themes, and setting up.  This year was the first time in over a decade that a vote was not necessary to determine the prom theme.

Juniors begin planning prom

November 1, 2019

Prom sponsor Kelly Groom and assistant Audra Shelite lead the planning of the junior and senior prom each year. This year began with a fundraiser meeting Oct. 9 and a meeting Oct. 30 to present themes. Juniors sold “Food for the Soul” which included various comfort foods. The student who sold...

Kids played carnival games and won candy as prizes. The youth and NHS was in charge of running the games.

First baptist church hosts 22nd annual Harvest Party

November 1, 2019

The First Baptist Church (FBC) hosted its 22nd annual harvest party to raise money for it's Preschool. The FBC youth ran and organized the event, a free night of carnival games, prizes and candy with a full family atmosphere for children in fifth grade and under.  First year Preschool Director ...

Signs have been placed in the halls around the school for Caleb's Cause. Students can visit the signs to find out how to submit t-shirt designs.

Citizens work together to support local family in need

November 1, 2019

A NHS junior decided to start a fundraiser for an 8th grade middle school student in Kansas City fighting Lymphoma. Junior Meagan Miller has started a fundraiser named Caleb’s Cause. The fundraiser is a website where citizens can subscribe for a T-shirt of the month club. “People can subscr...

Books, erasers, pencils and other items were sold during the book fair. The unsold products get returned to Scholastic.

Librarian welcomes first book fair

October 30, 2019

During elementary and middle school, Scholastic Book Fairs took place every year; however, when students came to high school, book fairs never happened. Librarian Casey Penner wanted to switch it up this year and try a book fair for the high school. “To get the book fair approved and started, I spoke with Mrs. ...

A city truck picks up recycling on Henry Street on Sept. 23. Two separate trucks are used to take trash and recycling to the recycling center and landfill.

 Augusta’s recycling changes in 2020

October 22, 2019

Augusta's five-year recycling contract with Waste Connections will come to an end as of January 2020; because of that, recycling as it is now will disappear and be replaced with an undecided alternative. “It's not completely clear cut yet because we're trying to see if any aspect of the program...

The Dollar Tree recently had the grand opening on Oct. 4. Every item in the Dollar Tree is $1, unlike the Dollar General, where the prices are slightly higher.

Dollar Tree opens in Augusta

October 21, 2019

A new Dollar Tree opened Oct. 4 located on 303 W, 7th Ave, and it has been quite popular. Dollar Tree is a store that has everyday necessities, foods, toys, clothing accessories and more for $1.  Dec. 8, 2018, a Dollar General was built next to Hilgers Family Pharmacy.  Freshman Riley Athy-Sedb...

President Donald Trump's first, four-year term is almost over with the 2020 election approaching. The formal impeachment inquiry could carry over into the election.

Formal impeachment inquiry announced

October 21, 2019

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives announced the beginning of a formal impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump Sept. 24. Impeachment inquiries grew after Trump acknowledged asking the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to look into his political rival, former vice president...

Sergeant Jim Finneran presents to students the nine steps of loading a musket. Finneran served in the US Army from 1984 to 1987 at Fort Richardson, Alaska as an infantryman. “My job was to hunt and kill Russian tanks armored vehicles at that time should they ever invade North America,” Finneran said.

Civil War reenactor lectures American history class

October 16, 2019

A civil war reenactor taught all American history classes and fired a musket without bullets on school grounds Oct. 8. Reenactor Jim Finneran is a retired first-class sergeant with an interest in the American Civil War. “I have always had an interest in history. I had wanted to become a Civil War Ree...

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