Kevin William experiences a beautiful evening flight in Augusta. William once flew halfway across the state of Kansas with a goal of flying across the whole state but had to land early due to weather conditions changing.

Paramotoring all around town

October 28, 2020

You step outside and look up to see a man flying through the sky with a machine that looks like a parachute. Augusta citizen Kevin William is well-known around town as The Kansas Paramotor Guy. William has a page on Facebook where he posts everything about his paramotoring experiences. A paramotor is ...

Juniors Lizzie Johnston, Porsha Zweifel, Avery Riedel and Adrian Walker play “Among Us” together after their assignments are done in Spanish teacher Mandy Walker’s class. Adrian was the imposter during the game.

Space video game popularity grow ‘Among Us’

October 13, 2020

While sitting in your third block Spanish class, you look over to see a group of students playing “Among Us” together. Phrases such as “red is sus,” “I saw blue vent” and “I saw him kill on cams” are heard from across the room.  “Among Us” is an online, multiplayer game that was developed...

Benefits and dangers from online made friends

Benefits and dangers from online made friends

Maddie Smart, Reporter

October 1, 2020

Growing up, our parents always warned us that strangers online were dangerous. However, with the many social media platforms our world has today, it is quite simple to find a new friend over the internet. They may become your best friend or just someone to talk to on occasion. Finding a friend online could either be the ...

Senior night moved due to pandemic

 Senior Ely Wilcox stands with his parents on the track at Hillier Stadium after his name was announced. Senior night for football, cheerleading, dance, cross country, and golf was Friday, Sept. 4.

Maddie Smart, Reporter

September 8, 2020

Sports were one thing everyone was skeptical about due to the pandemic. Students and families were not sure if athletes would even be playing this year.  The school staff was not sure what the end of the season would bring, resulting in senior night coming at the beginning of this season rather than at ...

Senior Brice Helton signs to Emporia for cross country and track. Helton is excited about continuing his athletic career at Emporia and ready to compete at the collegiate level.

College recruiters notice hard-working athletes

April 7, 2020

Student athletes strive to earn recruitment opportunities to start their college careers and be able to play at the next level. The process of being recruited has many steps involved, one of which is receiving the offers.  “I have been approached by recruiters from many different schools invitin...

The Tech Deck brand started in 1998, but the original fingerboard did not come out till 1999. A fingerboard is a replica of a skateboard that someone rides by making skateboard tricks with their fingers.

Old school trends make a comeback

March 10, 2020

Trends have a tendency to be recycled through the years and there are several currently making a comeback. One of the major trends at the moment is from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s fashion, such as high waisted [mom] jeans, denim jackets and bright colors. “I really like the look of mom jeans a...

Freshman Alli Eastridge motivates her teammate Jenna Speere at their volleyball game. The team worked together to get the victory.

Negative attitudes lead athletes in wrong direction

February 13, 2020

“I believe negative attitudes affect the team because in team sports you must rely on each other to stay positive, so if one person gets negative everyone reflects it,” freshman Gracie Dalziel said. Athletes have come to realize that negative attitudes affect their teams even if they do not realize...

A fever is a very common symptom when having the flu. Although a fever is technically anything above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, medically it is not usually a problem until it is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Influenza outbreak across U.S.

February 13, 2020

This flu season has had a major outbreak as there have been approximately 20,000 deaths this far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The first symptoms usually begin with a fever, sore throat, fatigue, body aches and more. “I started out having horrible body weakness...

Sophomores Bailey Bohon and Reese Ratcliff use their ACE period to work on schoolwork. Many teachers encourage their ACE students to finish their work and make sure they are not messing around.

Good decisions provide a better future

January 24, 2020

“Throughout school I have learned that prioritizing my work is very important and is definitely helping me keep my grades up,” sophomore Hunter Henderson said. When students go through the full four years of high school, teachers help them learn a lot about making better decisions. “I always he...

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