The ACT has been mandatory for students wanting to go to a four year college and was started in 1959. For the class of 2021, the ACT will not be mandatory due to the pandemic.

ACT not mandatory for class of 2021

October 23, 2020

The ACT (American College Testing) is a test that most students dread taking, but it was mandatory if they wanted to attend a four-year college. With COVID-19, most colleges have decided that the ACT is not mandatory for the upcoming class of 2021. “More than two dozen institutions — including highly selecti...

Homecoming candidates (right to left) Zack Timberlake, Morgan Pennycuff, Taylor Braungardt, Josh Manahan, Ryan Andrews, Jadyn Jackson, Payton Haskell and Duke Lichlyter stand together for a picture. King and queen will be announced Friday Oct. 2 at 6:40 p.m. before the home game against Buhler.

Homecoming changes due to COVID-19

September 26, 2020

A cool fall breeze, the sight of girls dressed up in beautiful dresses, candy falling on the ground and hearing the crowd clap and cheer are just some of the memories that homecoming comes with. Due to COVID-19, homecoming 2020 will be changed quite a bit. “There will be no homecoming parade this y...

The student section last year at the first football game against Andover Central. Now, students must have vouchers in order to watch a home game in person due to COVID-19.

Student section limited due to COVID-19

September 17, 2020

Due to COVID-19, student athletes and coaches are only allowed a certain number of vouchers a game allowing whomever they want to attend to watch in person. The school has offered a way to watch from home; however, the experience is not the same. The enthusiasm of the student section amps the adrena...

Gracie Johnston helped lead the Orioles to a 4A state championship last year. Rival schools were excited for the 2020 softball season because Johnston would be in college.

Softball season returns after state championship

April 10, 2020

Editor’s Note: Sports editor Ivory Rightnar talked with players and coaches for this story during the first week of practice before the season was canceled as a result of COVID-19. The Augusta Oriole decided it was important to publish this story as written because it is a record of a moment in hist...

Members of the class of 2020 celebrate the boys basketball sub-state victory over the Mulvane Wildcats. This might be the last photo that this class takes together.

COVID-19 takes precious memories from seniors

March 17, 2020

Imagine growing up again, watching “High School Musical”, looking forward to your senior prom, playing your last game and finally walking across that stage at graduation knowing you got through all the stress and all the drama. Now, imagine knowing none of that can ever happen due to a pandemic. ...

Seniors Zach Davidson and Garret Belknap hug after Belknap played for the first time since 7th grade. Davidson and Belknap have been friends for years.

Senior basketball manager plays in first game since 7th grade

March 2, 2020

Senior Garret Belknap played in the last regular season game against Winfield Feb. 27. Belknap had not played basketball in a competitive setting since he was in 7th grade because he realized he would rather manage. Belknap and the team had no idea he was playing until after practice on Wednesday, gi...

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, but should love should not be based on how much money someone spends. The typical couple goes to dinner, has dessert, goes out to a movie and spends money on gifts for each other. These activities make the price of Valentine’s Day expensive.

Dark sides come with Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2020

Most people see Valentine’s Day as either a day of love or regret. Originally, Valentine’s Day was meant to be a day of love and romance, but as the years pass people began to dread not only the holiday but the expenses that came with it.  On this romantic holiday, couples tend to participate in various...

Boys varsity basketball played in the Baldwin Invitational tournament on Jan. 21-25. The boys ended up winning the tournament, beating J.C. Harmon High School 54-46 in the championship game.

Boys varsity wins Baldwin tournament

February 7, 2020

The boys varsity basketball team played three games in the Baldwin Invitational tournament Jan. 21, 24 and 25. In the first game, the Orioles beat Anderson County High School 62-29. The Orioles then played Bishop Seabury Academy three days later and won 60-47, which allowed the team to advance to the cham...

The bowling team competed against Circle on Jan. 16 at the Grizzly Bowl in El Dorado. The team ended up beating Circle in the meet.

Bowlers looking forward to the season

January 28, 2020

The bowling team has participated in a total of four meets so far this season. Their next meets are on Jan. 31 at West Acres against Andale and Valley Center and February 4 at home against Buhler and Cheney. To prepare for meets, bowlers work on form, the release of the ball, the correct approach, fol...

Children trick or treating at an appropriate age

Children trick or treating at an appropriate age

October 30, 2019

Trick or treating is meant for little children that enjoy dressing up and getting candy with their parents. I believe that by the time someone reaches high school, they are too old to go trick or treating, with the exception of them taking their younger siblings around. Even when walking younger sibli...

Senior Lexi Chinn and her mom Sherri Combs celebrate senior night Oct. 18. Chinn carried a photo of her dad who passed earlier this year.

Emotions run high on senior night

October 23, 2019

Fall senior night is a big deal to most student athletes, band members and for color guard. Feelings are overpowering and parents and seniors shed tears during the emotional night. This is the last home football game of the year and the night seniors are recognized for their fall activities. For...

According to Child Trends “In 2017, 89 percent of births to teens ages 15 to 19 occured to unmarried women, an increase from 67 percent in 1990.” Teenage pregnancy has increased dramatically since the 90’s.

Trending teen pregnancy shows influencing teenagers

October 21, 2019

Teen pregnancy is more accepted in society than it is frowned upon. When MTV’s Teen Mom first came out in 2009, teen pregnancy started to become more popular. It was all of a sudden cool to have a kid at a young age. It does not help that these “stars” that are teenage parents get paid half of...

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