Senior takes on role as JAG Kansas president


Photo courtesy Christy Pray

Senior Devin Russell-Unger poses for a picture in front of the school for JAG-K. “It’s about your delivery and speech and that’s what I did, I gave my speech from the heart to tell people that they can trust me,” Russell-Unger said.

In spring of last year, senior Devin Russell- Unger  was elected as the Kansas JAG president.

“I don’t need to be scripted because what’s important to me should be on the top of my head,” Kansas JAG President senior Russell-Unger said. 

Russell-Unger  began his campaign during May. He had to execute plans and work with people. 

“Augusta held a nomination, and then Devin ran for the state process,” JAG Specialist Christy Pray said. “During JAG, we have a statewide competition and Devin created a video and explained why he wanted to be president.” 

When Russell became president, he had mixed emotions.

“I was so surprised in the moment, I didn’t know what to think,” Russell-Unger said. “I started breathing heavily because I was waiting for the results.”

 Russell  wants JAG to be a part of schools in Kansas.

“I wanted to get JAG in more schools, which was important to me because I think more people should have the opportunity to join,” Russell-Unger said. 

JAG helps students in different ways.

“It has given me more mental strength, lots of life skills being more prepared and being able to grow with people in my grade,” Russell-Unger said. 

Senior Sydney Hunter said JAG helps her increase her confidence and giving her a second family. 

“It’s a safe place where we all get along,” Hunter said. “It’s a great class and a happy place and  helps me with whatever I need.” 

Pray tries to help her students in any way possible 

“I love students, and I love encouraging them to show them that they matter and that there is a spot for them in this world,”  Pray said, “I just like motivating and inspiring them.” 

As JAG president, Russell-Unger is looking forward to new experiences.

“I am most interested in meeting my peers, but I am looking forward to going to DC and talking to some pretty good people.”