Old school trends make a comeback


Photo by Maddie Smart

The Tech Deck brand started in 1998, but the original fingerboard did not come out till 1999. A fingerboard is a replica of a skateboard that someone rides by making skateboard tricks with their fingers.

Trends have a tendency to be recycled through the years and there are several currently making a comeback.

One of the major trends at the moment is from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s fashion, such as high waisted [mom] jeans, denim jackets and bright colors.

“I really like the look of mom jeans and sweaters,” sophomore Grace Nance said. “They are more comfortable than skinny jeans and tight clothes like everyone wears now, but they are not as bummy as sweats.”

A major trend that has specifically broken out at our school is Tech Decks, which came out in 1999. Tech Decks are small plastic fingerboards that can be used to do tricks with or as a collection item. Juniors Jacob Money and Aidan Chandler brought the fingerboard trend to our school.

“We started playing with Aidan’s little brothers and then got our own, and when people saw us with them they thought it was cool and everyone got one,” Money said.

Several believe bringing back trends gives a good outlook for what people live like in today’s society.

“I think that incorporating different trends, old or new, allows people to try new styles and see what fits them,” Nance said.

Others think it could make everyone want to be like each other with the same fashion sense. 

“I like that they have come back, but I feel like they make people want to dress like everyone else and not have their own style anymore,” sophomore Reese Ratcliff said.

As time goes by, individuals are hoping for new comebacks in the future.

“I would love to see more fun trends come back such as the greaser look from the ‘50s, or bell bottoms,” Nance said.