Student-led conferences hosted by CAPPS

Student-led conferences are pointless, and will have a poor attendance number.

They are led by the students instead of the teacher.

For the conference, a guide paper is provided to help the students know what to address during the conference.

During these conferences, students may talk about their grades, strengths and weaknesses in the classroom and many more broad topics.

The majority of parents do not come to parent-teacher conferences, so the outcome could be the same for the student-led conferences. Parents may work late and not have time to come to the meeting.

Along with parents not being able to come, the conferences could be pointless for the freshmen. Not every freshman knows what school they want to go to after high school, and what career they want to pursue.

Furthermore, in past years most of my teachers would always say I was a good student, and they had no issues with me, so my parents stopped going to the parent-teacher conferences.

This may be the case for a lot of students, but it could also be that there would be too much to talk about.

Each teacher has specific topics they should discuss with the parent of the student. This could involve how the student is acting in class, how they are getting their work done, their grades, and more.

Having student-led conferences restricts teachers from saying what they need to.

Some students need extra support from their parents, and in order to get the support they need, the teacher needs to assist the parent on areas where the student is struggling in school.

On the other hand, the student-led conferences can be beneficial for students who need assistance communicating with their parents about school.

Not many students get the opportunity to talk to their parents about school. This could be the the only time they talk to their parents about school related topics.